Enrichment Activities

Ashley Academy seeks to provide after-school activities that appeal to many interests. 


Enrichment classes last 4-6 weeks and are offered each quarter. Some of these activities would include Strategy Games, Pokemon Go, Medieval Battles, Chess, Scrabble, Crafts, Chinese, and more.


School community involvement includes, but is not limited to, the Thanksgiving Luncheon, Field Day, Veterans Day program, recycling program, and Costume Day. Community service projects include visiting area nursing homes, visiting the Veterans Health Administration Hospital, volunteering at local animal shelters, collecting canned foods for local organizations, and supplying hygiene items for area homeless children. These projects are used to emphasize character development and community involvement.


Each year, our fourth graders head out to “Pearson’s Landing,” property belonging to an alumni family of Ashley Academy, to build a replica of the Jamestown Fort and to participate in a reenactment and other fun colonial activities.


Tech Club is a bespoke one hour per week program held at Ashley Academy. Students will gain hands-on insight into iCode’s STEM curriculum learning foundational concepts in computer skills, programming, game development, and robotics with extra exposure to patterns, sequencing, and logical thinking that results in an improved ability to solve problems. 

Students will learn transferable skills that will help them in areas such as school studies, team related activities, self-confidence and much more.