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Enrichment Activities

Ashley Academy seeks to provide after-school activities that appeals to many interests. 


Enrichment classes last 4-6 weeks and are offered each quarter. Some of these activities could include Strategy Games, Pokemon Go, Medieval Battles, Chess, Scrabble, Crafts, Chinese, and more.


School community involvement includes, but is not limited to, the Thanksgiving Luncheon, Field Day, Veterans Day program, recycling program, and Costume Day. Community service projects include visiting area nursing homes, visiting the Veterans Health Administration Hospital, volunteering at local animal shelters, collecting canned foods for local organizations, and supplying hygiene items for area homeless children. These projects are used to emphasize character development and community involvement.


Destination Imagination is an organization that believes that when an educational experience is hands-on, collaborative and fun, students are empowered to take their learning to the next level and are excited to do so. DI provides unique educational experiences across seven project-based challenge types–Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Service Learning, and Early Learning. All projects must be based on the the STEAM model, incorporating elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Though each team is managed by two representatives from their school, students are required to complete their projects independently.

The 2018/2019 Ashley Academy Destination Imagination team, Under One Roof, made it all the way to the global finals in Kansas City, Missouri. Their project included a partnership with the Johnson City Habitat for Humanity and student construction of a miniature house. The structure was used by the Johnson City Habitat for Humanity organization on their parade float, and other public events, to bring about awareness for their organization and the population they serve. The Under One Roof team members were among the 8,000 students on 1,400 teams with an opportunity to compete in the global event, after receiving first place awards at both the regional and state competition levels. Under One Roof went on to place 32nd in the world at global finals. 


Sole Survivors, the 2019/2020 Ashley Academy Destination Imagination team, is currently in the midst of global finals which are being held virtually this year. Their project included a partnership with Sole Hope, an organization whose mission is to provide foot protection for the vulnerable population of Uganda from a crippling parasite called jiggers. Sole Survivor team members collected denim material from Ashley Academy families and cut out pattern pieces equivalent for 100 pairs of shoes. They also participated in public events to bring about awareness of Sole Hope and their mission. The Sole Survivors team members were invited to global finals after receiving the first place award at the regional competition level (state level competition was cancelled due to COVID-19). Global finals should conclude mid-July 2020.


Each year, our fourth graders head out to "Pearson's Landing," property belonging to an alumni family of Ashley Academy, to build a replica of the Jamestown Fort and to participate in a reenactment and other fun colonial activities.


Lego Education curriculum is a unique instructional tool that is used to engage every type of learning.This curriculum supports the mission of Ashley Academy to foster curiosity, celebrate creativity, and develop critical thinking skills. 

  • Pre-Kindergarten children use Legos to explore together and learn through play.

  • Kindergarten student use Legos to explore together and learn through play.

  • Elementary children will solve problems using the WeDo 2.0 to create and program, Milo, the robot. These hands-on real-world projects will encourage enthusiasm for learning while emphasizing the importance of studying science and mathematics.

  • Intermediate and middle school students will solve problems using Mindstorms EV3 to create and program the robot.The Mindstorm program is used to build students’ confidence to ask questions and to solve problems. Lego Education encourages students to be innovative.

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