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(ages 2 years to 3 years)

Learning Through Play

Learning begins the minute we are born with the first three years of life being ones of rapid development. Our new Montessori Toddler Program allows for the freedom to safely explore and learn through discovery. It is calm, inviting, and homelike, with soft rugs, a rocking chair, books, and materials arranged on low shelves and in baskets.  With muted tones adding to the peaceful atmosphere children can focus on mastering skills without being distracted.  Everything has a purpose and a place.

Toddlers are natural explorers, curious about the world around them. They actively engage with everything in their environments, taking in information through their senses. In this learning environment, children work independently and observe others with activities that promote independence, order, coordination, and concentration, as well as support social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. These learning activities include:

  • Self-care: washing, dressing, toileting, and eating

  • Care of the environment: cleaning, food preparation and food service; plant care and animal care

  • Large-motor activities (indoors and out): walking, climbing, running, jumping, balancing, climbing steps, and more

  • Fine-motor skills: reaching, grasping, picking up objects, transferring objects, using tools and utensils, doing artwork

  • Language: naming objects, describing actions and intentions, discussing pictures, conversation, music, and singing

  • Social skills: developing manners through interactions with peers and teachers


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